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Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn - 1-2
The Dawn Brigade was walking though an old roadway, so they had fewer chances to be spotted. For Edward, that meant a narrow road of dirt with lots of mosquito. But he knew that if he complained that to Leonardo, the only thing he would receive was a bad look and some grumblings of how annoying he was.
“Just a quick half-mark, and we'll be in Kisca.” Nolan was leading the group “I'd like to stock up there, but...”
“Begnion will be on the lookout for us.” Sothe completed “Let's steer clear of towns for now, unless we want more trouble.”
This time, Edward couldn’t keep quiet.
“Don't tell me... This means another night sleeping on the cold ground with nothing but bugs to keep us warm!”
As he predicted, Leonardo looked to him as he was a spoiled child, but the swordsman ignored him.
“Oh, Edward, it's not that bad! The forest is so beautiful and serene. I'd almost rather be out here. Right, Yune?” As Micaiah said
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10 words
Each moment with you
Records an eternity in my memory
:icontwilight-ann:twilight-ann 1 0
Text me
Hey sweetheart, could you do me a favor?
Could you please get out of my head for a moment?
I am trying to study...
Love you~
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From Eliwood, to You
The Fire in the Emblem is red
But it also glimmers blue
Like a white black magic
You made me fall in love with you
Your smile cuts the sadness like a knife
And I'll support you for all my life
Like a dancer, you fill my body with joy
And I'll love you more than a wandering convoy
You have the bests tactics to make me jolt
You're my Knight Crest, my Elysian Whip and my Orion's Bolt
No matter how many battles I went through
my best affinity will always be you
:icontwilight-ann:twilight-ann 3 2
Mind Picturing
The eyes are the mind's camera
The pictures I take of you are stored only in my mind
However, sometimes I wish I could print them
So you could see yourself
the way I see you
:icontwilight-ann:twilight-ann 107 25
5 - Seeking Solace
My heart tried to implode
As his beats are echoed
My heart and his are in resonance
But it seems that mine had lost its balance
I grab something to eat
I start thinking when it became so confused
And why you were been accused
And by my heart, who could say
that it was jealous this way?
I try to forget and sleep
My mind tries to defend you
But his reason is becoming dull
So I'll follow my feelings for once
And after I'll have my vengeance
My solace is having tears to weep
:icontwilight-ann:twilight-ann 1 0
Each One of Ourselves
The clock was ticking but still wasn't the time
Lying on my bed, I waited my alarm chime
I stood thinking what I was about to do
Spent my night in clear just thinking about you
Then I got up and dressed myself
And I yet didn't knew what I was about to tell
I went for breackfast but I could barely eat
'Cause I can't tell you the truth, but I also can't cheat
And when I met you again you wasn't alone
So I trained my patience and waited for all our friends to be gone
And as I waited my only thought was to kiss you
And to tell you about my feelings that by time only grew
Once alone, I cleared my throat and let my lips moist
But standing by your side I couldn't find my voice
Then I thought "so what, myself, what's gonna be?"
"He won't be there waiting forever, stupid me"
Then I thought "courage", and yet I felt none
But despite and because of what I felt, this had to be done
But when I spoke with you, I twisted my planned words upside-down
And my shy words told you feelings that were making
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Hate, fear, panic
Love, pain, vengeance
Feelings that wake something drastic
Bring chaos inside a body
Make it haughty, hasty, messy
Freedom, transformation, future
Chaos is unbalance, instability
is uncertain, unknown
Are the changes that order lacks
Good ones?
A body has order and chaos inside it
conditions for feelings when lit
Two sides of a coin: one rules the other
But it spins again and again
never plain
They're everything
and they're nothing
:icontwilight-ann:twilight-ann 7 0
3-4. Light-Dark
I used to have darkness inside my heart
I used to be broken and to be torn apart
I used to think that love is destructive
I used to think that hate was more effective
And then I met you, and everything changed
And you tried to change me, so I  became estranged
I tried to keep you away, 'cause I was a demon
and you were an angel, and my only obsession
But you lit my life, and asked for nothing in return
And you taught me, so I could learn
to give away my dark personal night
to shine it with you, my bright starlight
And now I love you, and I want you close
and I'm lucky that I'm the one you chose
And now with darkness I have no strife
'cause you are the light of my life
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13 Vault Messenger Bag by twilight-ann 13 Vault Messenger Bag :icontwilight-ann:twilight-ann 1 0 Hyrule Crest Messenger Bag by twilight-ann Hyrule Crest Messenger Bag :icontwilight-ann:twilight-ann 16 5
Makes the life
Once, someone asked of what is the life made
And how such a think can sometimes just fade
So people tried to put an end on this strife:
What really makes the life?
Life is fire, air, water and earth
The four elements that give people their birth
The fire gives the heat, and the air is in the first breath
The water gives the changes and the earth, the chambers for death
But is by the body that the life express,
With the best gown that it possess,
The dance that always thrive:
The beauty of being alive
And the flavors, the colors, the textures and the music
Are the things of which the body is lovesick
Because they wake up a hidden inside
Even the ones that are hide
The feelings, they fill this frame
And gives the body its own name
It puts a bit of everything with a single technique
That makes each person unique
And which feeling is stronger than love and  hate?
Two units with the very same gait
And no one can tear them apart
Because together they live in every heart
The spirit is th
:icontwilight-ann:twilight-ann 6 2
Galdr of Love - 2
The wolf queen looked at the fainted man at the tent, thinking of how he survived the Desert of Death, and, most important, from where he came.
He was found at the desert by herself and his loyal subject, Volug, when they were hunting. They brought the strange man to the camping two days ago, and he still was unconscious. The wolf tribe didn’t have someone to take care of the sick, as they had a great curing ability, so the queen called the Eldest of the tribe to take a look at their guest.
Every night he took a look at the man, and that night wasn’t different.
"How he is?" asked the queen, even knowing what would be the verdict.
"He’s fine." The Eldest said. "However, I can’t say for sure when, or even if, he’ll wake up." He looked back to the patient. "His wounds are healed, my queen."
The woman was surprised.
"So he can heal his wounds like us, too?"
"Yes, however it is a slower process, it’s like the kids or us, the old wolfs." He gave a faint sm
:icontwilight-ann:twilight-ann 1 2
With love
Little thing, you have no clue
that it was me who brough the best of you
You can't imagine what you'd be
if it wasn't for this silly, old me
When of experience you did lack
I always watched your back
And when you got hurt, and cried
I helped you and made you smile
Sometimes I was nice
and sometimes, all spice
But what could I done, and what can I do?
If all I wanted was to bring the best of you?
And you grew, grew and grew
And now you're not the children I knew
Because now you let me say it loud
"That's the person that always makes me proud!"
And now you have your own life, I know
When you flew, I only could let you go
But remember that you have the key of the doors
That open the heart of this old mother of yours
:icontwilight-ann:twilight-ann 1 2
Creativity always comes the worst way...
:icontwilight-ann:twilight-ann 6 6
From Zelda, To You
Din's Fire is  red
Nayru's Love is blue
Among all the heroes
the chosen one is you
Your voice can make a Poe shed tears
And I can wait you for seven years
In all the Great Sea we'll warp
And I'll love you more than a Goddess Harp
If I had many hearts, you'd own them all
And makes no difference where you are, I'll hear your call
No matter how many lives I went through
In every game I fell in love with you
:icontwilight-ann:twilight-ann 19 7

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I Am
I am the shadow, and I am the light
I am the sunlight, and I am the night
I am the battle, and I am the fighter
I am the water, and I am the fire
I am a raindrop just ready to fall
I am the world, and yet…
No one at all.
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